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About A Midwest Life

Hi!  I live in southern Minnesota with my husband and sons.  I have a passion for healthy living, writing, and exploring life with my family.  This blog is where I share bits of my life, what I learn, and anything else I find interesting!

I have enjoyed healthy living for as long as I can remember.  I can remember wanting to exercise with my mom and eat healthy even when I was a toddler!  My passion for writing developed when I was young and my dad has always encouraged me to write so why not combine the two!

I absolutely love fashion, shopping, trying out new fitness trends, and traveling.  Maintaining a healthy balance is important.  I believe living with everything in moderation is the key to remaining healthy and happy in life.  Enjoying the small things and finding joy in day to day life is important.  I also believe it is important and make it a goal to be a positive influence in others’ lives.  I believe everyone we meet makes an impact on us as we do them and it is important to me that this impact is positive.

My goals and approach to healthy living and exercise in particular are to maintain a regular and simple plan that is easy to maintain and enjoyable.  My motto is to do something everyday and to enjoy something everyday.

Eating healthy has always been important and even more so now that I am a role model for my childrens’ eating habits.  I am by no means a chef but I can follow a recipe and will even occasionally create a recipe that turns out to be pretty tasty!

Please feel free to follow me on my adventure as a mom, wife, writer, and in figuring out a healthy lifestyle for myself and my new family!