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Back to school fit tips

Happy Monday!  Back to school is right around the corner for a lot of us and between busy work schedules, back to school shopping, getting back on a school schedule, and starting up all the other activities such as sports this is a really busy time of year for most families!  I grew up with two parents working in the education field and now I also happen to work in education.  Although none of us are actually teachers, August is still a really busy time (I think it is for a lot of families!), especially when your work load significantly increases!  I know I have been finding myself running out of time to fit in exercise and plan meals so I thought I would share a few fit tips we do as a family to try to keep up with fitness and eating healthy during back to school.

Plan everything!  Meal plan, plan your workouts, organize your family calendar, even plan your clothing for the week.  Find quick, easy, healthy meals.  I love searching online for new recipes but also keep a book full of our favorite recipes.  This makes it easy for me to plan meals I know we will like.  I also make sure to maintain our pantry and freezer supply so our weekly grocery shopping is kept to a minimum.  This is for another post but, we do one big shopping trip a month and then just pick up perishable items each week.  This saves so much time!

Know your limits.  When you are super busy don’t stress yourself out with scheduling even more.  This will just make it more difficult to make healthy meals at home and create less time to spend as a family stress free.

Stay active as a family.   Instead of sitting and watching your kids play in the yard go for a walk or run together.  Play a game, go swimming, just move!  This will also help combat the extra sitting you are doing with working longer hours 🙂 .

Participate in a workout challenge or program.  This will not only create accountability but also provide you with a plan each day so you don’t even have to think about what you are doing.  There are quite a few workout plans out there for you to choose from and while I love a lot of them my most recent favorite is PIIT 28 created Casey Ho!  She is also the creator of Blogilates which I have mentioned quite a few times in the past.  I have been following her and her workouts for a long time.  I will admit, when I first looked at the workouts I thought they would be too easy.  Not the case.  Of course they could be, but, if you push yourself, it is an awesome workout in only 30 minutes.


PIIT 28 is a mix of Pilates and cardio moves to help you strengthen, tone, and build your endurance in a short and efficient workout.  The workouts are done in intervals of 45 seconds on with 10 seconds of rest.  The time flies during this workout and leaves you nice and sweaty!

Here’s what PIIT28 will do for you:

  • Cut your workout time in half
  • Melt all-over body fat fast
  • Increase your resting metabolism
  • Build lean muscle with no equipment
  • Sculpt the strongest Pilates abs ever
  • Improve your posture so that you’ll look taller
  • Increase your confidence and happiness levels
  • Find new friends and make real relationships with like-minded people

Sounds fun right?  You can either follow along with the videos on the website or follow the written and visual instructions in the ebook.  Either way the workouts are fun, effective, and are less than 30 minutes.  Perfect for those of us who are crazy busy 🙂 .

Get your PIIT 28 Power Pack here.  $89(The workout program along with the 28 day reset nutritional guide$- saves you $19!)

Get your PIIT 28 Workout Program here.  $39

28 day Reset here.  $69

The 28 Day Reset is the perfect companion to PIIT 28 as it provides detailed meal plans and even grocery lists (a fantastic time saver!)

Here’s what you will receive when you get The Blogilates 28 Day Reset:

  • The Blogilates 28 Day Reset Nutrition Guide E-book (Instant download!)
  • The 28 Day Reset Meal Plan (4 weeks)
  • The 28 Day Reset Grocery Lists (4 weeks)
  • Over 150+ unique clean-eating Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snack recipes to create your own unique mix ‘n match meal plans based on your body’s needs for the next 8 weeks and beyond
  • 8 fill-in Meal Planning Calendars
  • 8 fill-in Grocery Lists
  • Mix ‘n Match Protein, Fat and Carb Chart (for recipe substitutions)
  • 100+ pages of full color, taste bud tantalizing food photography
  • Lifetime Membership to The 28 Day Reset Foodie Forum
  • Vegan plan is also available!

If you have anymore questions email me at .  I would love to chat more about PIIT 28, Pilates, or anything for that matter!

How do you keep motivated to eat healthy and maintain regular workouts when you are super busy?

*I am a PIIT 28 Amdassador. 

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