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Catch up

Hello!  It has been about a month since I have been around and we have been busy!  David works basically all the time this time of year and since Max no longer takes a nap I have been busy with all things toddler boys while still trying to keep up with work and the house.  Fortunately Max and Asher have been able to go to daycare most weeks lately giving me one day a week to get some things done!


Other days it has been us making it work together 🙂 .

What else is new?

I got a weight set for my birthday meaning I have been able to implement some more traditional weight training into my routine which I am loving.  Is it weird that my biceps have been the biggest struggle?  I guess this shows a weakness in doing mainly barre for the past two years!

David bought a little motorcycle/scooter thing as a “way to save gas money”  I’m pretty sure he just wanted it though 🙂 .

I signed Max up for preschool!  I’m super excited for him because he is ready to go!  He loves daycare and is actually sad to leave his “friends” there.  Are they friends or playmates?

My marathon training is going well!  I am probably about half way through and have done way too many runs on the treadmill (David has been out of town a few times and the weather hasn’t been great) but the longs runs have been going well.

We started movie night with Max and Asher.  They love the idea but Asher never pays attention and Max usually gets bored (or falls asleep) 30 minutes in or so.  The only movie he has actually watched all the way through is Toy Story.  Also, just in case anyone else has younger kids, Finding Nemo was not hit in our house, it has a surprising amount of terrifying sharks 🙂 .

I think that is all for now!  Have a wonderful week and Easter weekend!


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