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MedCity Marathon Recap

Hello!  How about a quick marathon recap?  It fortunately isn’t too late, only 8 days later thanks to a busy week with David traveling again and a certain toddler deciding to boycott bedtime all week 🙂 .  Last Sunday, (May 29th) I ran the MedCity Marathon in Rochester, MN!

MedCity Marathon Finish


My official finish time was 3:43:49 with an average pace of 8:33 per mile.  I actually finished 9th woman overall and 3rd in my age group!

Overall I loved the race and had a great time.  It was well organized and big, but not overwhelmingly large or congested.  Everybody was super friendly, both the volunteers and the spectators.  I didn’t really know what to expect or what my goals should be going in to the race but I had kind of set a goal of finishing in under 4 hours and keep a relatively easy pace throughout the race.

The race starts in Byron and the first six miles went by really quite fast and were also the hilliest so it worked out great!  I personally think the Rochester area is really pretty so I didn’t mind the hills and they really aren’t bad, they are more like little rolling hills than anything else.  Once we got into Rochester there were more spectators and over all I never really got bored with the course (am I the only one with this problem?).  There were water stops about every 2 miles so I didn’t need to stop at each one even though it was by far warmer on Sunday than it was during any of my training runs!  I trained in 30-40 degree weather and it was 60-70 Sunday morning, definitely a temperature range I’m not used to running in yet, especially with the humidity 🙂 .

MedCity Marathon

The week before the race I ended up getting the flu and then having a huge allergy flair up so while I wasn’t feeling 100% I was still hoping to meet my goals.  My training went really well.  I completed all my runs (running 4-5 times a week) except for my 20 miler!  I ended up not feeling well the week I was supposed to run 20 miles and never completed it!  Mentally, this was more nerve-wracking than anything else.  Just in case this happens to anyone else, don’t let it concern you!

I also started having trouble with my foot just a couple of days before the race.  It has been bothering me on and off for the past couple of years and when it started to feel a little sore I cut out speed work which seemed to help up until the last week.  My doctor had said to keep it stretched and ice it and that it was fine to continue running as long as the pain didn’t worsen throughout training and it really wasn’t horrible until the last week.  Obviously I wasn’t about to not run having just finished all of the training and my x-rays looked good (no stress fracture) so I just iced and stretched a lot before Sunday.  While the icing and stretching may have helped it still hurt quite a bit by the end of the race and I am still not running yet.  I went to the doctor on Monday and was told to take a week off but I will have to play it by ear since, while it is significantly better it still isn’t great (it is a tendon issue and the marathon really aggravated it).

Overall I had a great time and hope to be able to run this race again someday, both the half marathon and marathon if all goes well!  I don’t have any current race plans for the rest of summer as I am waiting to see how my foot heels but I hope to run a 5k in late summer/fall!

Do you have any summer running plans?

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Winter 5K run

Hello!  I have been super busy this past week and probably will continue to be busy until my children go to school 🙂 .  Really, however, we seem to have been hit with a small cold running throughout our house so hopefully it will subside soon 🙂 .

Today I am sharing a quick 5K workout I love to do when running outside.  I find on the treadmill it is easy for me to change my pace all the time and even sprint.  Outside, however, sprints are not as easy for me since I tend to not push myself as hard.  This workout goes fast and, for the winter especially, I find the 5K is a great distance.

winter 5k run

Nice and easy for a quick winter run!  I hope that those of you who have the holiday off are have a great day!


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Winter Running

Hello!  How has the first week of 2016 been so far?  Mine has certainly flew by!  Now that we have some snow Max and Asher have been enjoying playing outside and I have been counting down the days until summer 🙂 .

While I don’t run outside all year long any longer before I was married I almost always ran outside.  Looking back I’m not sure why I chose to run outside so much since I had access to a few gyms and even an indoor track while in college but it I did and it really wasn’t too bad.  After years of running outside I have discovered a few tips that can allow you to run outdoors even in the dead of winter.


Running in Bemidji last year.

Invest in some quality running clothes.  I love running tights that are super thick and even lined lightly. Especially if it is windy the extra thickness really helps! If it is really cold I layer a second pair of workout pants over the top of the tights.  For tops I am big on layering.  I like to be able to move easily so I typically wear a sleeveless running top and then layer a running jacket over the top.  Again, if it is really cold I will also add a long sleeved running shirt.

Keep you hands warm, but not too warm.  Even in the winter I tend to get warm when running.  I don’t own a pair of smart gloves or any type of fancy gloves, although I think they are probably quite nice!  I typically just wear an inexpensive pair that can be purchased anywhere and they do the trick for me.  I also don’t wear a winter hat, just my regular running hat with a headband covering my ears.

Warm up before you leave.  I find it is easier to warm up inside rather than waiting until I am outside to warm up.  Once I am outside I just want to get my run done!  I do just a quick warm up since I am already dressed to be running out in the cold and don’t want to get too warm.

Watch out for ice!  Ice is hands down the worst part of running in the winter.  Snow is actually not too bad, until it starts melting and becomes a mess 🙂 .  I try to find routes that are well traveled and cleared off well so the chance of ice in less likely.

Be ok with shorter runs and changing your plans.  Winter running requires a lot more flexibility than in the summer.  The day light hours are significantly shorter, the weather is more unpredictable, and there are simply a lot more variables that you don’t have control over.  Your route may be too icy, travel may take longer leaving less time for a run, it may end up snowing way more than predicted.  Staying flexible and realizing you may need to change things up is important.

Enjoy yourself!  Mindset plays a huge role in running outside in the cold for me.  If I start my run thinking about the cold and how it is going to be miserable then the run isn’t going to be fun.  If I start with a mindset that I am getting some fresh air and that it really isn’t that cold, my run usually goes pretty well.

I am off to go play with two little monsters 🙂 .  Have a wonderful day!

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Cardio Ab Workout

Hello!  We have been enjoying some crazy good weather here in Minnesota!  I have been able to get out for a short (and slow!) walk with Max and Asher each afternoon which is great for a few reasons.  We get outside in the fresh air, we move a little more, and it wears them out fast 🙂 .


I have a fun cardio abs workout to share today.  I don’t typically do a lot of focused ab work since I have very limited workout time and I feel like abs can be worked in a lot of movements that work more than just the abs.  This workout is meant to engage the abs while completing larger range of motion moves that will get the heart rate up a bit.  Complete each movement for one minute, rest one minute and then repeat the moves for a total of 15 minutes.

cardio abs

Be sure to utilize modifications or take some addition resting breaks if needed.

If you need an example of any of the moves here are some links to YouTube videos.

Standing opposite elbow to knee

Plank Jacks


Plank hip dips

High knees

Bicycle Crunches

Mountain Climbers

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Pick your distance treadmill workout

Happy Thursday!  We have officially been a household of two toddlers for a week now and it has been crazy 🙂 .  Asher has really started to show his own personality and has started walking a ton more ( and is much more stable) in the past month.  He and Max have started to play together a little bit and have really started to build a bond.  They still require a ton of attention as they usually end up fighting over toys and not getting along for too long but it has been fun to see them interact a little more.


I wasn’t planning on posting this week as we are having Asher’s birthday party this weekend and David and I have quite a bit to do yet but I wanted to quick share a treadmill workout I have been enjoying lately.  It is great because you simply repeat the same five minute interval for as long as you want to run.  It keeps me from getting bored and since Max and Asher can be a bit unpredictable it is nice that I can adjust the length of my run so easily without feeling as though I skipped part of the workout.


Feel free to adjust the times and speeds to fit your needs!

I am finally really getting back into running after my marathon.  I took some time off, obviously, and then started running slower runs and have just recently really started to feel like fitting in some tougher runs and have even started to look for a race (just a 5k or 10k) to run yet this fall.  There are plenty of runs in the cities but with our schedule and two kids it can be difficult to get up there in time for a run, especially a Turkey Trot or something on a holiday where we also want to spend time with family.  It may not happen this fall but hopefully by early spring!

I am off to finalize the birthday party menu!  I am horrible at nailing things down for a party and am always planning it up to the actual day of the party 🙂 .

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