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Top Summer Essentials

Hello!  I didn’t get this post done yesterday because I was busy celebrating with Max!  We have a preschooler!  Technically we celebrated his birthday all weekend by going to the zoo on Saturday and then on Sunday we went on a picnic, the zoo, had cake and opened his present from Asher (we bought a swing set but it won’t be arriving until later this week).  It was a full summer weekend of fun!

It was also the first weekend that was really nice and we were at home for this year.  Since summer seems to finally be here to stay (I feel like I have been saying for the past month) I am sharing my summer essentials.  These are products I use pretty much everyday during the summer and they help me not only fend off the heat and sun but also help me look a little more put together as a mom who basically lives outside once it warms up 🙂 .


Sunscreen: We all know about the importance of sunscreen, especially for the face.  I have been using Cotz sunscreen for awhile and love it.  I don’t feel it at all on my face and I can even buy a tinted color to help even out my skin tone a bit on days I’m not wearing makeup!  The tinted sunscreen can be a little too dark for me (although is claims to be translucent), especially if I don’t have any tan yet but it works really well once I have been in the sun a bit.  I have never gotten burned while using this brand, even in the Caribbean!


A nice pair of sandals for everyday: Since I work from home and am with my kids either at home or just around town I almost never wear nicer shoes than a simple pair of sandals in the summer (I’m not a huge shoe person!) .  I love finding a pair of sandals that are practical, comfortable, yet at least a little stylish so I look more put together.  I have ones similar to these that work great pretty much everyday.


A couple hats: I don’t really own a lot of hats but having a few really good ones helps keep the sun off my face and keeps my hair from getting too bleached by the sun.  My hats are all at least a few years old but the I have a hat similar to this one that I love.  I also have a bigger sun hat and a Cubs hat similar to this that is probably nearing 10 years old?  I keep telling David I am going to get a new one but it is still in really good shape so I never take the time to do so.  I also, of course, have a running hat which is just a basic baseball hat!


A good book: Summers are meant to include a little relaxing!  I have a list of books I want to read a mile long but I just finished this book and highly recommend it.  Especially if you are a fan of memoir type books.


Refreshing face mist: I discovered these types of sprays a few years ago and am hooked!  I am still working on find the perfect brand and type for me but they really do not only help my makeup look better on the days I wear makeup but also make me feel more refreshed as I use it throughout the day when being outside in the heat.  I haven’t tried this one yet but it is on my list to try this summer, and I typically like Tarte’s products so I’m hoping it works well!  I have heard good things about the Rain forest of the Sea product line so far.

These are five of my top must have products for summer.  I am off to spend some time chasing around two crazy toddlers for the day.  It is suppose to rain so it should be a crazy and busy day with them cooped up all day!

What is your must have product for summer?

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Get your feet summer ready

I was provided the following product in exchange for an honest review.

Hello and happy weekend!  I am excited to be sharing a new product today that I have been enjoying.  With the summer rapidly approaching (Max and Asher’s last classes are this Friday!) I know quite a few people are looking forward to wearing sandals and enjoying the warmer weather.  However, I know I tend to neglect my feet a little more in the winter and, especially with running, they could use some help to get back to looking their best for summer!  I don’t have the time to always get out  for a pedicure when needed so lately I have been using the Emjoi Micro-Pedi.  It is easy to use, affordable and best yet, effective!  The Micro-Pedi works to remove dry, rough skin leaving your feet looking and feeling soft in a matter of just a few seconds.

micro pedi

I was actually surprised at how fast it worked for me as I had some pretty serious rough spots from running so much but both feet combined only took a matter of a couple of minutes total.  While there wasn’t as much of a visual difference for my feet before and after, they felt significantly smoother.  It also seems to last quite a while for me which is great!  I originally thought this may be something I would have to do every day or so to keep my feet looking and feeling their best but that isn’t the case at all.


The Micro-Pedi opperates using two double AA batteries and has pretty low maintenance.  You simply need to change the roller every few uses!  You can check out and order the Emjoi Micro-Pedi here for $39.95 with free shipping.  It is also available online at Amazon as well as drugstores.  It is the perfect beauty addition to get summer ready feet!

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