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Let’s workout together!

I get asked all the time what my favorite workouts are and what I do to stay in shape working out exclusively at home.  For the most part I stick with running, Pilates, and PIIT 28!


PIIT 28:  Pilates Intense Interval Training.  A quick 28 minute and 40 second workout program.  The workouts do not require any equipment (perfect for traveling!) and are a mix of Pilates movements and cardio movements making an extremely effective workout for toning up.  The workout plan also comes with an optional 28 day detailed meal plan.  This is the perfect companion to the workouts and will give you a little extra boost towards reaching your health and fitness goals.   For more information about PIIT 28 check out my blog post here.

Get your PIIT 28 Power Pack here.  $89 (The workout program along with the 28 day reset nutritional guide, you save $19!)

Get your PIIT 28 Workout Program here. $39

Get your 28 Day Reset here. $69

Barre Amped and Suzanne Bowen Fitness:  For those of you who have talked to me within the past couple of years I have probably brought up Barre Amped.  These workouts are some of the best!  Especially if you tend to do a lot of cardio and need to implement in some strength training with minimal equipment that is easy on your joints.


These are my current go to DVDs.  Since I am forever changing up my workout routine check back frequently for new ideas!  As you can tell I like workouts that require minimal equipment and work my whole body at once.  As busy adults we don’t have time to fool around with inefficient workouts!  These are also great workouts to take with you if you travel a lot.  I almost always fit in a resistance band or my light 3 pound weights into my suitcase!  These workouts allow me to stay in shape wherever I am and without heavy weights or a huge amount of space.

Let me know!  What are some of your favorite workouts, at home or at the gym?  I always like new ideas!

*I am a PIIT 28 affiliate.