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How to Sleep Better

Sleep!  That thing everyone loves but can never seem to get enough of to be well rested.  Did anyone else know that May happens to be National Sleep Better month?  Sleep is such an important element of our health yet seems to also be quite neglected most days.

sleep problems

I know I’m guilty to staying up a little too late or sacrificing my sleep in some other way!  While I tend to not have too much of a problem falling asleep (I have two toddlers to keep up with!) I do struggle with waking up a ton and simply not getting enough sleep.

Here are the 8 most common sleep problems:

sleep 1 sleep 2


Are any of these problems relatable for anyone else?  I can certainly relate to a few!

Anxiety.  I tend to always want to fix everything for everyone making me worry all the time.  While I have had good intentions of trying meditation I have never actually taken the time to meditate!  (Unless in a health class in college counts!)  I do believe it can be incredibly beneficial.   I am already a strong advocate of stretching before bed but, since having Asher I tend to simply collapse into bed without stretching.  This summer I plan to not only (finally!) try meditation but also start stretching again!

Temperature.  We don’t have air conditioning so this is a big one.  While it does tend to cool down it often times isn’t enough to sleep comfortably.  Some things we have learned that help maintaining a comfortable temperature when you don’t have central air are investing in high quality fans.  They need to be a good quality so they will last through a lot of use as well as be quite!  Close the curtains when the sun is shining in.  I know!  Close the curtains!  It is a bummer but you probably aren’t in your bedroom all that often during the day anyway so it you won’t be sitting in the dark 🙂 .  When all else fails, buy a window unit.  We ended up putting in a small window unit that was actually surprising both quiet and effective at keeping our room a comfortable sleeping temperature.

These are the two sleep problems I encounter most often.  Making sure to keep your bedroom a comfortable and inviting place to sleep is so important in eliminating sleep problems and getting a good night’s rest!  Casper has done some of the work for you and offers a mattress and pillow that are sure to help you towards the perfect night’s rest 🙂 .

What sleep problem do you struggle with most often?

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Get your feet summer ready

I was provided the following product in exchange for an honest review.

Hello and happy weekend!  I am excited to be sharing a new product today that I have been enjoying.  With the summer rapidly approaching (Max and Asher’s last classes are this Friday!) I know quite a few people are looking forward to wearing sandals and enjoying the warmer weather.  However, I know I tend to neglect my feet a little more in the winter and, especially with running, they could use some help to get back to looking their best for summer!  I don’t have the time to always get out  for a pedicure when needed so lately I have been using the Emjoi Micro-Pedi.  It is easy to use, affordable and best yet, effective!  The Micro-Pedi works to remove dry, rough skin leaving your feet looking and feeling soft in a matter of just a few seconds.

micro pedi

I was actually surprised at how fast it worked for me as I had some pretty serious rough spots from running so much but both feet combined only took a matter of a couple of minutes total.  While there wasn’t as much of a visual difference for my feet before and after, they felt significantly smoother.  It also seems to last quite a while for me which is great!  I originally thought this may be something I would have to do every day or so to keep my feet looking and feeling their best but that isn’t the case at all.


The Micro-Pedi opperates using two double AA batteries and has pretty low maintenance.  You simply need to change the roller every few uses!  You can check out and order the Emjoi Micro-Pedi here for $39.95 with free shipping.  It is also available online at Amazon as well as drugstores.  It is the perfect beauty addition to get summer ready feet!

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Top ten baby names I didn’t use

I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing Mother’s Day weekend!  Today I am sharing ten of my favorite baby names 🙂 .   I have seen this topic around a few places and found it interesting to learn what names others love but didn’t choose for their babies for some reason or another.

Before I move on I just have to verify, no, I’m not pregnant not have I been successful in convincing David to move from his stance on maintaining a man on man defense 🙂 .

top ten baby names

First up, boy names!

Thomas.  I love this name and think a little Tommy running around would be adorable but David wasn’t as on board with it so it was nixed.

Lincoln.  David did not like this name at all for some reason and wouldn’t even consider it but I think it is super cute.  Although, I have no idea on what a good nickname would be for this little guy.

Harrison.  A good, strong name, in my opinion 🙂 .  Once again, David wasn’t a huge fan.

Jude.  I love the idea of simple, one syllable names and this one fits the bill.  However, David was not interested in using any names that can be found in a Beatles song (I have no idea why) so it was out.

Christopher.  I love this name.  It is possibly my favorite but I love the whole name and not any of the nicknames so we didn’t choose it 🙂 .

Girl names!  I’m not going to share the actual girl name we had decided if we did happen to have a girl so these are my other top picks.  (Just so everyone knows, I was the only who knew what we were having.  David wanted it to be a surprise but I wanted to know so I found out and kept it a secret both times!)

Eleanor.  I love this name but again, David, not so much.  Also, the Beatles.

Lucy.  A nice, one syllable name I love!  However, again, those darn Beatles 🙂 .

Elizabeth.  This was actually also my grandma’s name and even though she didn’t like it I happen to think it is a great name 🙂 .

Liberty.  I became obsessed with this name after driving by small lake once called Liberty lake.  David didn’t share my enthusiasm though.

Grace.  We actually both love this name and if we would have ended up with two girls this probably would have been Asher’s name!

It was difficult for me to narrow down my top five for each boy and girl names!  If I am ever able to talk David into more babies we may choose one of these names!

What baby names do you love?

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Last minute Mother’s Day gift ideas

Hello!  Mother’s day is literally right around the corner!  If you haven’t gotten a gift for either your own mother or the mother of your children I have a few ideas that are easy, don’t cost a lot, and that special person is sure to love 🙂 .

Last minute Mother's day gifts

Brunch.  Perhaps one of the most common Mother’s Day gifts?  It is pretty safe to say that most people enjoy a good brunch with their family.  This is great for mothers because not only do they not have to cook but they get to enjoy a fantastic meal that requires no clean up and usually includes a mimosa 🙂 .

A solo trip … to anywhere.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, even going grocery shopping without kids around can be a nice little break.  Other great ideas would be a few hours at a coffee shop to enjoy a cup of coffee and catching up on a good book.

Make life a little easier.  Is there one small thing that could be changed and make her life a lot easier?  Make it happen!  This can be something super small that adds just that little extra stress each day.  For me, I hate our laundry baskets and would love to get some new ones.  Not all that fancy or fun but it would make me happy!

Something pretty.  I’m a huge advocate for making the little things count.  Find something she uses often and then pick out a prettier version of the item. If she bakes a lot find some cute measuring cups to replace the plain ones she currently uses!

Don’t forget to show the mothers in your life how much they mean to you next Sunday!  It doesn’t need to be huge to mean something even bigger to them 🙂 .

Do you have any plans for Mother’s day?  What are some ideas you have to make the day special?

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Catch up

Hello!  It has been about a month since I have been around and we have been busy!  David works basically all the time this time of year and since Max no longer takes a nap I have been busy with all things toddler boys while still trying to keep up with work and the house.  Fortunately Max and Asher have been able to go to daycare most weeks lately giving me one day a week to get some things done!


Other days it has been us making it work together 🙂 .

What else is new?

I got a weight set for my birthday meaning I have been able to implement some more traditional weight training into my routine which I am loving.  Is it weird that my biceps have been the biggest struggle?  I guess this shows a weakness in doing mainly barre for the past two years!

David bought a little motorcycle/scooter thing as a “way to save gas money”  I’m pretty sure he just wanted it though 🙂 .

I signed Max up for preschool!  I’m super excited for him because he is ready to go!  He loves daycare and is actually sad to leave his “friends” there.  Are they friends or playmates?

My marathon training is going well!  I am probably about half way through and have done way too many runs on the treadmill (David has been out of town a few times and the weather hasn’t been great) but the longs runs have been going well.

We started movie night with Max and Asher.  They love the idea but Asher never pays attention and Max usually gets bored (or falls asleep) 30 minutes in or so.  The only movie he has actually watched all the way through is Toy Story.  Also, just in case anyone else has younger kids, Finding Nemo was not hit in our house, it has a surprising amount of terrifying sharks 🙂 .

I think that is all for now!  Have a wonderful week and Easter weekend!


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