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How to Sleep Better

Sleep!  That thing everyone loves but can never seem to get enough of to be well rested.  Did anyone else know that May happens to be National Sleep Better month?  Sleep is such an important element of our health yet seems to also be quite neglected most days.

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I know I’m guilty to staying up a little too late or sacrificing my sleep in some other way!  While I tend to not have too much of a problem falling asleep (I have two toddlers to keep up with!) I do struggle with waking up a ton and simply not getting enough sleep.

Here are the 8 most common sleep problems:

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Are any of these problems relatable for anyone else?  I can certainly relate to a few!

Anxiety.  I tend to always want to fix everything for everyone making me worry all the time.  While I have had good intentions of trying meditation I have never actually taken the time to meditate!  (Unless in a health class in college counts!)  I do believe it can be incredibly beneficial.   I am already a strong advocate of stretching before bed but, since having Asher I tend to simply collapse into bed without stretching.  This summer I plan to not only (finally!) try meditation but also start stretching again!

Temperature.  We don’t have air conditioning so this is a big one.  While it does tend to cool down it often times isn’t enough to sleep comfortably.  Some things we have learned that help maintaining a comfortable temperature when you don’t have central air are investing in high quality fans.  They need to be a good quality so they will last through a lot of use as well as be quite!  Close the curtains when the sun is shining in.  I know!  Close the curtains!  It is a bummer but you probably aren’t in your bedroom all that often during the day anyway so it you won’t be sitting in the dark 🙂 .  When all else fails, buy a window unit.  We ended up putting in a small window unit that was actually surprising both quiet and effective at keeping our room a comfortable sleeping temperature.

These are the two sleep problems I encounter most often.  Making sure to keep your bedroom a comfortable and inviting place to sleep is so important in eliminating sleep problems and getting a good night’s rest!  Casper has done some of the work for you and offers a mattress and pillow that are sure to help you towards the perfect night’s rest 🙂 .

What sleep problem do you struggle with most often?

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