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A summer with two toddlers

Happy Friday!  We have an exciting weekend planed and are skipping out early today to head up to St. Paul to get a head start on the fun!  First, though, I wanted to share a few things I have learned this summer with having two toddlers.

toddler summer

  1. A lot changes when you kid turns three.  Last spring, when I enrolled Max in preschool for this upcoming fall I was convinced he was not going to be ready.  I think anyone who has had to potty train a spirited child will agree with me that it is not easy.
  2. You want to desperately to be able to have full conversations with them and then they won’t stop talking… Max was a little slower to talk (as in he didn’t really talk until nearly three years old.  Now, he won’t stop.  It’s fun, but loud 🙂 .
  3. They learn things no matter what you do.  I am not the mom pulling out flash cards every night or doing specific learning activities (I’ve tried but it just isn’t me).  However, Max is still somehow learning, a lot!  Like more than he probably should, he can even spell a few words?  I have no idea but I’m glad something is working.

Now on to my little Asher 🙂 .

  1. Obviously I have had a one year old before but the second one is just as unique, if not more, and there is still a learning curve in learning what works for him.
  2. He is a lot more daring.  Making convincing David for number three incredibly difficult 🙂 .  I’m not sure if this is a second child thing or just a personality thing but Asher is always on top of something, upside down, in something, or getting into something.  Of course Max did this as well but not to the same extent.
  3. It’s fun to do something separately with your kids, learn about, and encourage their separate interests.  Max and Asher are almost to the day 16 months apart and they share a room so they often get put together.  It is important to encourage them to have differences and it actually takes quite a bit of work to do this!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  I am off to get a bit of work done before we pick Max and Asher up and head off to the cities for the weekend!


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