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Top ten baby names I didn’t use

I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing Mother’s Day weekend!  Today I am sharing ten of my favorite baby names 🙂 .   I have seen this topic around a few places and found it interesting to learn what names others love but didn’t choose for their babies for some reason or another.

Before I move on I just have to verify, no, I’m not pregnant not have I been successful in convincing David to move from his stance on maintaining a man on man defense 🙂 .

top ten baby names

First up, boy names!

Thomas.  I love this name and think a little Tommy running around would be adorable but David wasn’t as on board with it so it was nixed.

Lincoln.  David did not like this name at all for some reason and wouldn’t even consider it but I think it is super cute.  Although, I have no idea on what a good nickname would be for this little guy.

Harrison.  A good, strong name, in my opinion 🙂 .  Once again, David wasn’t a huge fan.

Jude.  I love the idea of simple, one syllable names and this one fits the bill.  However, David was not interested in using any names that can be found in a Beatles song (I have no idea why) so it was out.

Christopher.  I love this name.  It is possibly my favorite but I love the whole name and not any of the nicknames so we didn’t choose it 🙂 .

Girl names!  I’m not going to share the actual girl name we had decided if we did happen to have a girl so these are my other top picks.  (Just so everyone knows, I was the only who knew what we were having.  David wanted it to be a surprise but I wanted to know so I found out and kept it a secret both times!)

Eleanor.  I love this name but again, David, not so much.  Also, the Beatles.

Lucy.  A nice, one syllable name I love!  However, again, those darn Beatles 🙂 .

Elizabeth.  This was actually also my grandma’s name and even though she didn’t like it I happen to think it is a great name 🙂 .

Liberty.  I became obsessed with this name after driving by small lake once called Liberty lake.  David didn’t share my enthusiasm though.

Grace.  We actually both love this name and if we would have ended up with two girls this probably would have been Asher’s name!

It was difficult for me to narrow down my top five for each boy and girl names!  If I am ever able to talk David into more babies we may choose one of these names!

What baby names do you love?

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