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Hello!  This summer has simply completely gotten away from me.  Between work, life with two toddlers, and a few unexpected things this space has taken a back seat for awhile.  However, Max is starting preschool in a month and, while life will always be busy I am hoping that with having a little more time with Max and Asher busy with their things I will have a little more time as well!  What better way to start than with updating everyone on life’s happenings?

First, I had surgery!  I know, I literally told zero people.  But for good reason!  I found out I was having surgery less than 24 hours before it happened an I spent that entire time making sure laundry was done and put away, the house was clean, and ensuring childcare for Max and Asher.  The surgery was quite minimal and to be honest I really have no idea what exactly I had done (anesthesia is always incredibly effective for me) .  All I know is that I apparently had a torn muscle in my abdomen along with a ton of extra scar tissue that was removed but may return.  I’m still recovering but am generally feeling pretty good all things considered!

Max is officially a preschooler! I can’t believe he is going to be going to preschool already!  It will be so good for him though as he loves his daycare, especially when they go on trips (they are going to the fair this week!).  It became official when his teacher mailed us his back to school shopping list.  Did anyone else love back to school shopping growing up?

I am taking my second ever over-night work related trip away from Max and Asher!  I have obviously spent numerous nights away from both Max and Asher but this is the first time David will be taking care of BOTH of them by himself while I am away overnight.  While they will be in daycare all day and it is only one night I am hoping the house is at least a little picked up when I get home, and that Max and Asher have eaten something green, that would also be lovely 🙂 .


From my last trip to Kansas about a week ago.  It was gorgeous (and a little warm), even through a dirty windshield 🙂 .


We are moving forward on more house renovations.  Kind of.  We are currently in the process of taking down the wallpaper in the living area.  Ok, David has done all of it… it is pure coincidence he started taking it down the day before my surgery 🙂 .  Max is convinced we are going to paint the walls red (his favorite color) however I love Benjamin Moore’s Sea Foam so we will probably go with something similar to that.  We are also still working on getting the floors refinished.  David called both individuals who are able to refinish and fix original wood floors but we haven’t heard back yet, 3 months later, the joys of living in a more rural area 🙂 .

We have also been in the process of updating a bit of our furniture!  Some of it my Dad and brother are actually making and then we have been finding a few other items here and there.  Our latest purchase was some new chairs from Ikea.  The longevity of Ikea items has been hit or miss for us in the past but I have high hopes for these chairs!

I think that is all the major stuff!  I have a few great ideas for this space in the near future so be sure to subscribe or keep checking back!

Have a wonderful week : )

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